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We pleased to provide you an ample opportunities in the fields of export, import, customs clearance, warehousing services.

The warehouse room is a dedicated part of a capital warehouse building. Storage facilities are heated in winter. The warehouse area is 977.5 sq. m. Useful volume of the room-1 373.2 cubic meters. The customs and logistics terminal includes the following facilities:

  • chernogolovsky customs post;
  • phytosanitary inspection post;
  • veterinary control post;
  • temporary storage;
  • cold storage;

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Our Services

Customs clearance

Customs clearance is the most important stage in the implementation of a foreign economic transaction.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, when importing cargo into the territory of Russia and exporting cargo from the customs service, proper customs clearance (export or import) is required

If you often have to deal with the international delivery of cargoes, you realize the importance of proper and prompt processing of documents on the cargoes, we are happy to help you.

The specialists of our company in the shortest possible time will hold for you a full range of customs services.

Customs clearance services include:

  • Advising on the customs legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • Selection and declaration of the customs regime;
  • Determination of the code of cargoes on the Commodity Nomenclature of foreign economic activity;
  • Preparation of a full package of documents and information required for filing a declaration;
  • Preliminary and periodic declaration of cargoes;
  • Electronic declaration;
  • Consultations of the client on the issues of international trade and correctness of documents filling;
  • Registration of the hygienic conclusion (veterinary and phytosanitary control);
  • Consultations on drafting customs agreement and related documents (export, import);

Warehouse cargo handling

  • Acceptance of cargoes for storage;
  • Loading/ unloading operations;
  • Preparation of cargoes for customs inspection after unloading, its sorting, recalculation, the formation of batches;
  • Storage of cargoes in the TSW (temporary storage warehouse) room in the customs control zone in the open area of the TSW (temporary storage warehouse).

Our TSW(temporary storage warehouse) is certified by the Rosselkhoznadzor for the clearance of cargoes subject to veterinary and phytosanitary control. In our territory there are borderline veterinary and phytosanitary posts, as well as the VNIIKR laboratory, the presence of which will significantly reduce the time for passing control of cargoes with high phytosanitary risk.

We offer the following consultations to our clients:

  • veterinary legislation;
  • phytosanitary legislation;
  • on the rules of importing controlled cargoes to the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • on the rules of exporting controlled cargoes from the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • the correctness of filling in veterinary and / or phytosanitary certificates;
  • about other documents, provided for veterinary and / or phytosanitary control;

We will assist in the organization of veterinary and / or phytosanitary control in the following areas:

  • preparation of a full package of documents required for veterinary and / or phytosanitary control;
  • organization of cargo inspection (including loading and unloading operations);
  • organization of sampling of the products for laboratory researches;
  • photo fixation of inspection of cargoes;
  • storage of controlled cargo at TSW (temporary storage warehouse) with accurate temperature control.


We have a professional approach to solving any problems.

We work with companies of any type of ownership and with any volume of orders, both with large companies on the basis of long-term contracts, and within a one-time service or consultation. Upon your request, we will assist in determining the correct CN FTA (commodity nomenclature foreign economic activities) code.

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